Your Journey to Becoming an Adult Figure Skater: Finding a Coach and Getting Started

Your-Journey-to-Becoming-an-Adult-Figure-Skater-Finding-a-Coach-and-Getting-Started Adults Skate Too

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Figure skating is a sport that knows no age boundaries. Whether you're rekindling your love for gliding on ice or diving into this graceful world as an adult, we're here to guide you through the process. Join us on this adventure as we explore how to find a figure skating coach and embark on your journey as an adult skater!

Discovering the Perfect Coach

1. Dive into Local Rinks and Skating Clubs

To kickstart your figure skating adventure, start by checking out the ice rinks and skating clubs in your area. Many rinks offer group lessons and have seasoned coaches who are experts in working with adults, believe it or not! Skating clubs can also be a goldmine of information and recommendations. Also, make sure to join our Facebook Group. We have over 10,000 members and it is a great safe space to ask questions and learn about skating. 

2. Seek Out Recommendations

Don't hesitate to reach out to friends, family, or fellow adult skaters for recommendations. Word-of-mouth referrals can lead you to coaches who not only understand your goals but are also passionate about helping you achieve them.

3. Join Adult Skating Sessions

Many rinks host special adult skating sessions where skaters of all levels come together to practice. Attending these sessions isn't just about improving your skills; it's also a fantastic way to make friends and discover experienced coaches in your community.

Getting Started as an Adult Skater

4. Get Your Skating Gear On Point

Before you take your first glide, ensure you have the right gear. Invest in quality, properly fitted skates, cozy clothing to keep you warm, and don't forget safety essentials like gloves and a helmet if you're new to the sport. The right gear will make your skating experience both safe and enjoyable.

5. Embrace Group Lessons

If you're new to figure skating or have taken a break from it for a while, consider enrolling in group lessons. These classes create a supportive environment where you can learn and grow alongside other adult skaters. It's a great way to ease back into the sport and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

6. Dream Big with Realistic Goals

As an adult skater, it's essential to set goals that are not only achievable but also tailored to your desires. Talk to your coach about your dreams, whether it's mastering the basics, nailing jumps and spins, or performing amazing programs. With realistic goals, you'll stay motivated and enjoy every step of your skating adventure.

7. Stay Dedicated and Savor the Journey

Figure skating is a delightful mix of challenge and reward, but it takes time to progress. Be kind to yourself, practice regularly, and most importantly, cherish every moment of your journey. Revel in the beauty of gliding on ice and the sense of achievement that comes with each small step forward.

Your path to becoming an adult figure skater is a thrilling adventure filled with moments of grace and personal growth. By finding the right coach and following these tips, you're all set to master the joy of figure skating. Remember, age is just a number, and with dedication and the right guidance, you can make your skating dreams a reality. Lace up those skates and get ready for a world of elegance and joy on the ice! IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO SKATE!

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