Glide into Style: Elevating Your Figure Skating Experience with Our Premium Apparel

Glide into Style: Elevating Your Figure Skating Experience with Our Premium Apparel

Erika Venza |

In the world of figure skating, where grace meets grit, your attire plays a pivotal role in not just how you perform but also in how you feel on the ice. At Adults Skate Too, we understand the unique blend of aesthetics, comfort, and performance that skaters are looking for in their apparel. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a line of figure skating clothing that stands out in both quality and style, made for adult skaters, by adult skaters.

Crafting Confidence on Ice

Our journey began with a simple vision: to empower adult figure skaters with apparel that mirrors their passion and enhances their confidence. We know that each stroke on the ice is a statement of your dedication, and our clothing is designed to complement that commitment. From fun tees, crops, snugly fitted jackets and leggings, each piece in our collection is a blend of fashion-forward design and functional innovation.

Join the Community

Figure skating is more than a sport; it’s a community. We’re proud to support this vibrant community by not only providing high-quality apparel but also by fostering a space where skaters can share their journeys, challenges, and triumphs. Follow us on our social media platforms and join a group of enthusiastic, supportive skaters who celebrate every leap, spin, and glide. Our Facebook Group has almost 12,000 skaters and we would love for you to join us - click here

Embrace Your Passion on Ice

At Adults Skate Too, we believe in the power of passion and the importance of expressing it on the ice. Whether you’re practicing your programs, competing, or skating for the sheer joy of it, our apparel is designed to ensure you look and feel your best. With AST, you’re not just wearing a piece of clothing; you’re donning confidence, style, and the spirit of adult figure skating community.

Discover our collection today and take the first step in transforming your figure skating experience with Team AST. ♡ 

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