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Shauna Lynn - Featured Designer 


Shauna Lynn has been on the ice since she could walk when her parents introduced her to skating while visiting her grandma in Chicago. While she didn’t start taking lessons until she was 9, she always had a love of the sport. She began taking lessons in Daytona Beach, where she continued through her freshman year of high school, at which point she took a break to focus on studies. She came back to skating in college and has been back on the ice ever since where she focuses on ice dance and moves in the field. She is a member of USFS, and enjoys testing regularly. She is also an associate member of the Professional Skaters Association (PSA). When she’s not on the ice, Shauna is a full time illustrator and works from her home studio in Chicago, with her pup, Teddy Bear, where she works on children’s books and new designs for Adults Skate Too apparel. She is represented by Chad w. Beckerman at The CAT agency for children’s books. She has been one of our featured designers since 2019.




MacKenzie Swank - The Gray Skater


Hi! I'm MacKenzie Swank - fellow adult skater and owner extraordinaire over at The Gray Skater! I am a perpetually cold person and after returning to skating as an adult in 2017, I knew I needed to figure out a way to add extra warmth to my wardrobe.  I put my fashion design degree to use and came up with a fleece leg warmer design that would not only be functional, but also a way to express myself with fun colors and prints.  In 2020, I developed a zip-off leg warmer that was perfect for wearing during competition warm-ups, in between events, and test sessions - or just any day you forget and put your skates on before your leg warmers!  Sewing and skating are my passions, and I'm so excited to be teaming up with Adults Skate Too to bring my designs to adults all over the world!

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